I know I’m going to come under fire for this but here goes. There have been events such as the so called state of the union which has nothing to do with the state of the union, as well as the Cantore incident which disturb me. While I was a fan of the meteorologist his ego’s clearly gone to his head. Probably why he went bald because there wasn’t any room for his hair on his head with his ego already bursting at the seams. I once nearly photo bombed a reporter when he was in Circleville, Ohio for the Pumpkin Show. The reporter was gracious enough to shift the camera to the 14 foot pumpkin pie instead of saying something to my face. Being about 11 or 12 at the time probably would have made him look like a big bully. There is something most reporters seem to forget though when they’re out in public with a news camera and that is your out in public. Most people haven’t been on TV and most would like to before they die. As if an appearance on a news camera would make you infamous only for a short time. Honestly after over 2 decades working for The Weather Channel, Jim Cantore should really know better than sucker punching a college student on the air. There’s other ways of interrupting photo bombers like ignoring them or saying something to them on the air. If you don’t know that then you must have slept through broadcasting school sir. Cantore needs to grow up and be professional instead of disgracing the meteorologists like crooked politicians disgrace the voters.


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