Well I was planning on publishing this in July but I got distracted with a lot of stuff. Well me and my big mouth, my safe driving streak came to an end when I smashed into a post in Avon Lake, Ohio. Seems like after I got rid of Murphy I went into the twilight zone finding out just how violent a character my ex boyfriend is, yes I said it. I knew he did mercenary work and I knew he has killed people and while I didn’t know he drugs people in clubs down in the Columbus, Ohio area (mainly Bexley and Obetz) with his ex who has HIV. I did suspect I wasn’t being informed completely so I never went with him down to Columbus or Marion. This ultimately saved my life from having anything bad happening to me at his hands, except him breaking up with me. Which I saw coming no matter what happened so while it hurt I was able to move on relatively quickly. I just knew I got the last laugh because Manchester City humiliated Manchester United 4-1 and I am no longer a dead man walking.


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